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Treadmills are an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment, which providing the convenience, ease of home exercise, and can also be incorporated into many types of physical therapy. To see our top recommendations for the best treadmills, click here.

best recumbent bikes

Recumbent Bikes

A recumbent bike is a form of bicycle that places the cyclist in a semi-reclined posture, as opposed to the upright position of regular cycles. It is also a popular alternative for disabled bikers and those recovering from injuries. Here are some of our top recumbent bikes.

elliptical machine

Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine is a stationary exercise machine used to stair climb, walk, or run without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. It is often thought of as a good alternative to jogging or running. Read our best rowing machine page first.

Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment

Best Gym Equipment for Home Use

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More individuals are turning to home gym equipment for their exercise requirements as the cost of gym subscriptions rises and our schedules get increasingly hectic. This is a sensible option because home exercise equipment provide a variety of advantages, including greater convenience and cheaper long-term costs.

The issue is that the home gym equipment market may be perplexing, even for seasoned athletes. It’s difficult to pick from the various types of equipment, pricing ranges, brands, and gimmicks available. To make matters worse, the exercise industry is constantly changing, with new promises and marketing buzzwords appearing on a near-monthly basis.

That’s why we developed homefitnessabout.com: to assist you in locating the greatest home gym equipment to meet your fitness goals. We want to cut through the marketing hoopla and focus on what truly matters: value for money, exercise quality, and consistency. ​

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good motor and running belt

Treadmill buying guide: How to choose a treadmill based on your height and weight?

To understand what brand of treadmill is good, start with the motor and the running belt. Motor power and the width of the running belt are the two most important parameters of the home treadmill, which is the real hardware. The motor is like the human heart, the running belt is like the human hands and feet, the motor is good, run bandwidth, this person is a good sportsman. Therefore, the treadmill is good or not, closely related to these two, I suggested that everyone focus on the treadmill. So as a consumer, it is necessary to know how to

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the quality of treadmill

How to judge the quality of treadmill?

There are many brands of treadmills, so how do you judge the quality of the treadmill you want? Nowadays, there are not a few people who buy treadmills online. Faced with so many parameters, consumers must be at a loss, not knowing which brand is good, and which model is good. Therefore, I combined some of my own experience, including evaluation information, to objectively recommend a cost-effective treadmill for you. Achieving a balance between quality and price is the truth of the so-called high quality and low price. I can’t guarantee the best buy, but at least it makes you

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treadmill buying guide

Treadmill Buying Guide: How much horsepower does a treadmill need?

Before, we introduced the importance of the motor in the article “How to judge the quality of treadmill?“. Why is the motor so important? How many HP motors are suitable for home use? In fact, the motor has the same function as the human heart, which determines the total capacity of the treadmill, but also related to whether the speed of the treadmill is stable, performance, and noise reduction effect. So when you buy a treadmill, the motor should be focused on, but those thousands of dollars of treadmills don’t talk to me about the motor is good. Table of

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relationship between speed and horsepower

What is the relationship between speed and horsepower of treadmill?

What is the relationship between speed and horsepower of treadmill? When we buy a treadmill, we often see that a parameter highlighted by businesses is the motor, such as how much P (horse) motor or continuous horsepower. Many people have no concept of how much P, which will make many people unable to start. Although I have introduced the relationship between height, weight and motor power before, you may see peak horsepower or continuous horsepower, Or see 2.0 HP, 2.5 HP and other figures, which is still slightly “advanced” for some people, so today I interpret it from another angle,

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treadmill motor

What does the rated power of motor really mean?

In everyone’s opinion, the treadmill may be a very familiar product, but you may not be familiar with the knowledge of some components related to the treadmill. Do you know the power of the treadmill motor in general? How does treadmill motor work? It is estimated that you do not know, this is some professional knowledge, and then I will introduce the rated power of motor for the treadmill. What is the rated power of the motor? Electric treadmills are usually driven by the operation of the motor (motor), so the power of the motor generally refers to the rated

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how does treadmill motor work

How does treadmill motor work? Everything you need to know

Motor, as the core component of treadmill, why do I emphasize again and again: pay attention to motor when purchasing treadmill. So today, let’s talk about something professional. In the words of cross professionals, I will use a simple and clear introduction to explain how PMDC household treadmill works (I will express the meaning of PMDC right away). I think it’s important to grasp the basics so that you can understand why it’s important to choose the right home treadmill motor. The following points apply to most household treadmills and some commercial household treadmill motors. However, it is not suitable

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