Best Space Saving Elliptical in 2021 – Our Top 8

The elliptical machine is a common aerobic fitness equipment. Because of its low-impact properties compared to treadmills and other equipment, it is loved by some people who want to exercise while protecting their joints and knees.

However, when the elliptical machine first appeared, it took up too much space and was basically only suitable for use in the gym. In order to solve this problem, many sports equipment manufacturers have introduced compact and space-saving elliptical machines, and at the same time, they are not less functional than large commercial elliptical machines. In this case, the elliptical machine has gradually become a good home fitness equipment.

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This compact elliptical machine is small enough, many of them can even be folded, and put it in the corner of the room when you don’t use it, and it won’t take up too much space. But is there any smaller elliptical machine? I don’t know if you have ever heard of an elliptical machine called an under-desk elliptical. It is a portable fitness equipment that allows you to move your legs in an elliptical manner while sitting. It allows you to work at the desk while also keeping your lower body exercise, which is very convenient.

When you want to buy a space saving elliptical, if you just want to exercise your lower body, then the under desk elliptical is very suitable for you. It is currently the smallest and most space-saving elliptical machine. Today I will recommend 8 best under desk ellipticals on the market.

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Compare The Best Space Saving Elliptical

Model Dimensions (inches) Weight (pounds) Best Price
Cubii JR1 23.15 x 17.54 x 10 27.65 SEE PRICE
FitDesk 3040 30 x 10 x 20 31 SEE PRICE
DeskCycle Ellipse 23 x 18 x 10 30.2 SEE PRICE
Stamina 55-1602 24.5 x 17 x 11.4 24 SEE PRICE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 24 x 19 x 11 25 SEE PRICE
PERLECARE PCPE01 23.6 x 13.8 x 11.4 29.4 SEE PRICE
Cubii Go 24.5 x 17.5 x 9 19.4 SEE PRICE
ANCHEER 18 x 14 x 10 16.5 SEE PRICE

Top 8 Best Space Saving Elliptical Reviews

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Main Features



Speaking of the compact and portable under desk elliptical machine, the Cubii JR1 is my first recommendation. You can easily see how popular it is now from its 10,000+ reviews and 4.6-star rating. Moreover, compared with its professional version of Cubii Pro, I think it is more worthy of recommendation, because they are no different except that Cubii Pro adds Bluetooth synchronization.

First of all, as an elliptical machine, Cubii JR1 is also composed of two pedals, a total of 8 resistance levels, which can be adjusted by the dial on the main body.

Secondly, although as an under-desk elliptical machine that allows you to exercise at work, it also has a small screen to display some basic indicators, such as stride length, calories, RPM (revolutions per minute) and distance .

Third, it is equipped with an ice hockey-sized chair anchor. This design takes into account that most users who use the under desk elliptical are office workers. They are easy to roll when sitting on the office chair wheel. Therefore, this chair anchor is used to prevent the seat is rolling away.

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Main Features



The second under-desk elliptical machine I would recommend is FitDesk, and its model number is 3040. Although the overall size of this space saving elliptical is larger than others, it can be used under a desk with a minimum height of 25 inches. The weight is also heavier than the general under desk elliptical, but this makes it more stable during operation. However, after actual testing, since the feet are made of plastic and are not covered with any type of rubber, they may slip if they are used on smooth ground. Its two pedals are relatively large, so that many men can use it comfortably.

In terms of function and performance, it also provides 8 levels of resistance, and the resistance is magnetic, so that it can be very quiet when running. If you want to adjust the resistance, you don’t need to bend down and adjust by hand, you can do it directly with your feet. I think this design is quite humane.

It also has an LCD to display basic exercise information, including time, distance, speed, calories, etc. It is commendable that this monitor can be moved, you can either put it under the desk or on the desk.


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Main Features



This under desk elliptical is among all the space saving ellipticals I recommend today.

It has the advantages of compactness and portability shared by all under desk ellipticals. The weight is a bit heavier, but this is not a bad thing, it allows you to use it more smoothly. The pedals are relatively large and have a non-slip design, which will make you very comfortable in use.

There are a total of 8 levels of resistance and it is also magnetic, so it will be very quiet in the office. But unlike the FitDesk 3040, you can adjust the resistance with your feet. Its resistance must be adjusted with your hands.

The built-in 6-function LCD display can also display data during exercise (speed, time, distance, calories burned and RPM). In addition, it can calculate up to 100,000 revolutions in one session. The LCD is powered by the included 2 “AA” batteries.

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Main Features



This is a particularly popular product with a lot of praise. This is mainly because its price does not exceed $100, it’s very cheap. The whole elliptical is small and portable, with comprehensive functions and good customer service.

The weight of Stamina 55-1602 is only 24 pounds, but it can withstand a maximum weight of 250 pounds. However, according to many users’ feedback, its quality is not as good as expected, so it is best not to stand on it frequently for exercise.

The pedals are also non-slip, but not very big, so people with big feet need to pay attention. The resistance can be adjusted, but it does not have levels as other elliptical machines. In addition, many users have reported that the resistance band will rub against one side of the track during use, producing a subtle squeaking sound.

The machine comes with a monitor to track progress. These exercise stats include: Number of strides per minute, Total strides, Exercise time, Calories burned.

If you are trying an under desk elliptical for the first time, I suggest you try this Stamina 55-1602. After all, even if it breaks quickly, you won’t lose too much.

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Main Features



Sunny Health & Fitness is a manufacturer of home fitness equipment that we are very familiar with. I have recommended many of its best treadmills, elliptical machines and recumbent bicycles in my blog. Therefore, in terms of product quality, you don’t have to worry at all. When buying a product, if you pay special attention to quality, you should choose a big brand. Although the price of a big brand is generally more expensive, the quality of the product is generally not a big problem.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 is very stable, even though it is only 24 pounds, but it is very stable and will not shake when used. Although it weighs only 24 pounds, it still has a handle that allows you to move easily.

Its pedals are enlarged and textured, so the feet are not easy to slide during exercise.

An 8-level magnetic resistance system, so there is almost no noise during exercise, especially suitable for working in the office while exercising.

It integrates an exercise meter that can track basic exercise data such as time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

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Main Features



PERLECARE PCPE01 is a full-featured but very cheap space saving under-desk elliptical.

Compared with the general under-desk elliptical machine, this one is not too big. It is sturdy and durable. You can stand on it completely and use it as a standard elliptical machine, or you can sit on a chair while working in an office.

Of course the pedals are also non-slip. It is equipped with a clear digital LCD, in addition to displaying the Calories, Stride, Time and Distance that almost all under desk elliptical machines have, it also includes RPM.

Its only disadvantage is that some users report that when the resistance level is adjusted to the maximum, there will be a slight frictional noise.

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Main Features



This is a new product launched in May 2021, and has been widely welcomed by people as soon as it went on the market. Cubii has 4 models of under desk ellipticals: JR1, JR2, Go and Pro.

The biggest feature of this Cubii Go, whose main colors are orange and gray, is its lightness. It does not exceed 20 pounds. It is the lightest under-desk elliptical machine I have ever used. But it is still 0.5 pounds heavier than JR2. Although it is very light, it does not mean that it will be unstable during operation.

Another advantage of Cubii Go is that it has a luminous LCD screen, which allows you to easily see the screen in dimly lit conditions. Imagine that when you want to see your exercise data in the office, you don’t have to take it out of the desk.

In addition, Cubii Go can also manually record your exercise data through the App developed by Cubii itself.

Cubii Go also has the functions of a general under-desk elliptical machine, such as non-slip pedals and an 8-level magnetic resistance level. But if you want more advanced features, such as Bluetooth, you can choose Cubii Pro, but the price is $50.

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Main Features



The last space-saving elliptical machine recommended today is ANCHEER Under Desk Bike Elliptical. It is different from all the above under-desk elliptical machines, because it is a combination of electric and manual, you can plug in the power to use or use it directly without power.

Its second unique feature is that it has two modes of automatic & manual exercise, automatic (P1-P3) and manual (5 levels of speed, from 1.5KM/h to 5.7KM/h) for you to choose. And is equipped with a unique remote control.

Its pedals are also 14 x 6 inches large and non-slip, equipped with a belt transmission mechanism with magnetic resistance, which will be very quiet during exercise. The display can also clearly see data such as time, distance, steps and calories burned. Finally, it is fully installed, you can experience it directly after unpacking.

Finally, its warranty is unmatched by all the above-mentioned under-table elliptical machines, and it provides a lifetime warranty.

Final Conclusion

The above are the 8 best space saving ellipticals I recommend. Although they can only exercise the lower body, cannot exercise the upper body at the same time. Unlike a standard elliptical machine, you must give it a special space. These under desk elliptical machines can be placed anywhere and can be moved at any time.

If you are trying an under desk elliptical for the first time, I recommend Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical. For those who are used to exercise using under desk ellipticals, I recommend Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical, which has the highest number of reviews and ratings, and the product value has been verified by consumers. If you want an elliptical machine that takes up the least amount of space, and you don’t want to pursue high-intensity exercise, maybe you should try ANCHEER Under Desk Bike Elliptical.

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