Best Treadmill 400 LB Weight Capacity in 2021 – Our Top 8 Picks

When you are trying to choose a treadmill to help you lose weight, have you ever worried that your weight will affect the life of the treadmill? In fact, treadmills with a maximum capcity limit of 300 pounds on the market are the mainstream, and there are not many options for finding higher-bearing treadmills, not to mention that they are often very expensive.

At the time of writing this article, I have spent nearly a month researching as many treadmills as possible that can withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds. Fortunately, I found 8 best treadmill 400 lb weight capacity. This guide is the result of all my hard work and I hope it will help you when buying a treadmill.

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Compare Best Treadmill 400 Pound Weight Capacity

Model Dimensions (inches) Weight Capacity (pounds) Best Price
Exerpeutic TF1000 63 x 32 x 51.2 400 SEE PRICE
Bowflex BXT216 85 x 39 x 55 400 SEE PRICE
ProGear HCXL 4000 63 x 32 x 51.2 400 SEE PRICE
3G Cardio Elite Runner 84 x 35.5 x 58 400 SEE PRICE
Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 Asuna 55 x 30.5 x 57 440 SEE PRICE
Exerpeutic 2000 Workfit 70 x 36 x 60 400 SEE PRICE
Life Fitness 95T 80 x 37 x 62.25 400 SEE PRICE
SOLE F85 82 x 37 x 66 400 SEE PRICE

8 Best Treadmill 400 lb capacity Reviews

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Main Features

Exerpeutic is a company that designs sports equipment for special groups of people, such as people with health problems and the elderly. Generally, the maximum weight limit of most treadmills on the market does not exceed 300 pounds, and this Exerpeutic TF1000 can withstand users up to 400 pounds.

This treadmill for heavy people has a maximum speed of only 4 mph, so it is only suitable for walking. Don’t be misled by the product description, it says that it has a maximum speed of 12 mph, which is wrong. I don’t think this is a shortcoming of this treadmill, because people who are heavy take weight loss as their exercise goal, and generally they can only start by walking.

The Exerpeutic TF1000 has an 18-foot extension handlebar, which can provide you with extra support when you exercise. For heavy users, safety during exercise is the most important. Fortunately, Exerpeutic TF1000 has taken it into consideration.

Another design that it features 2 position manual incline. This is helpful for users who do not satisfy its 4 mph top speed and want a higher challenge. In addition, this treadmill is foldable, which is very suitable for use at home.

I think the warranty is the only shortcoming of Exerpeutic TF1000. The frame and motor are guaranteed for 5 years, and the parts and labor are guaranteed for 90 days. But all things considered, this treadmill for heavy people is still worth the money. It is my first choice for treadmill 400 lb weight capacity.



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Main Features

Bowflex is a sports and fitness brand that we are very familiar with. I have reviewed many models of Bowflex treadclimbers in my blog, they are all very popular on the market. This Bowflex BXT216 is also the most prominent among the treadmill 400 lb weight capacity.

First of all, a treadmill that can withstand a weight of 400 pounds needs a stronger frame so that it can withstand long-term use. And for large companies like Bowflex, you don’t need to worry too much about the quality of their products. Bowflex BXT216 weighs 341 pounds, which is 2.4 times that of Exerpeutic TF1000, while both are treadmill 400 lb weight capacity. With such a heavy weight, you are more likely to trust its quality.

Precisely because it is more sturdy in quality, the top speed of this treadmill can reach 12 mph. This allows you to use it to run to increase the intensity of your exercise after successful weight loss. In order to meet the needs of runners, running belts are generally wider than treadmills that can only be used for walking, so BXT216 has a 60″ × 20″ comfort tech cushioning technology running path, which will make you very comfortable when running.

This treadmill has 11 exercise plans and dozens of virtual courses from all over the world, which adds diversity to your exercise and will motivate you to keep going. Of course, this has increased the price a lot on the basis of the original treadmill.

Speaking of its shortcomings, I think it may be assembly, because the function is too comprehensive, this is a machine that is not easy to assemble.

Overall, this is a very impressive treadmill, which provides home users with many commercial quality features. If your budget is between US$1000-1500, I think Bowflex BXT216 is the best treadmill 400 lb weight capacity.



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Main Features

The specifications of the ProGear HCXL 4000 and the previous Exerpeutic TF1000 are almost the same. Because both Progear and Exerpeutic are owned by the same company, Paradigm Health & Wellness, the cost of the two treadmills is similar and both provide similar features.

So, whichever one you choose is the best choice. But ProGear HCXL 4000 is a highly rated and reasonably priced product that can be shipped immediately.

For reviews, you can refer back to Exerpeutic TF1000



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Main Features

This one is the top model in the 3G Cardio series of treadmills, and it is a commercial grade treadmill. Although it may be extravagant to put it at home, it has been highly praised by consumers and professionals, and I have to recommend it to you.

The most surprising feature of The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is that it is equipped with an advanced “Orthoflex” suspension system that can provide shock absorption and support to reduce the impact on the feet, ankles, knees and hips. It has an extra-long and wide running platform of 62 x 22 inches, is not foldable, and weighs 386 pounds. From these points, it can be seen that it is obviously not designed for home use.

Its top speed is 12 mph, and the slope can be adjusted up to 15%. Both speed and slope can be adjusted with one key.

As for the console, it has an LED display with Zero-Glare™ matte display, which is very advanced and displays very comprehensive exercise data. And has 10 preset exercise programs (8 automatic, 2 custom), in addition to 3 fitness test programs.

Finally, it is already very rugged and durable, and it provides lifetime frame and motor warranty, 10-year parts warranty and 2-year home labor service. This is the best treadmill warranty service I have ever seen.

On the downside, I think the price is too expensive is one of them. And, considering that the price is close to $4000 and the lack of network or Bluetooth support, this will definitely make many people who want to use it at home to give up choosing it.



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Main Features

Sunny Health & Fitness is a well-known sports and fitness brand. This 7700 Asuna is a treadmill released in 2018. It is the only manual treadmill among the eight 400-pound weight capacity treadmills I recommend and it also has the largest weight capacity, which is 440 pounds.

Although the size of the 7700 Asuna is only 55 x 30.5 x 57 inches and occupies a small space, it has a running surface size of 51 x 17.75 inches, which is large enough. It has an incline range of 10-14 degrees. Since it is a non-electric treadmill, you don’t think you can adjust the inclination with one touch.

But precisely because this treadmill is manual, it has no speed limit, which means you can run as much as you want. But I think this may be more suitable for more advanced athletes, rather than novices.

In terms of assembly, according to the provided manual, it should not exceed 5-10 minutes, which is much simpler than a general electric treadmill.



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Main Features

This treadmill designed for the elderly is very suitable for walking, not running. Therefore, it has a short runway (40 x 20 inches) and a very low top speed (4 mph), and it also has an extended 18-inch handle, which is almost twice the standard size. But it is very stable and can withstand weights of up to 400 pounds.

Another unique design is a large and sturdy metal bracket on the top, you can use your tablet, iPad or Kindle while walking easily.

I think for the seniors, all aspects of its design have been thoroughly considered. But it’s still a bit expensive, compared to some other full-featured treadmills.



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Main Features

This is a commercial-grade treadmill. Its specifications are the highest among my 8 recommended treadmills, and it is also the heaviest. The assembled weight is 442 pounds.

First, it has a top speed of 14 mph, while the industry standard is only 12 mph. Secondly, it has a 60″ x 22″ ultra-long and ultra-wide belt. This length of belt is only available in the 3G Cardio Elite Runner among the previous 400-pound weight capacity treadmills.

The FlexDeck cushioning system allows you not to worry about joint pressure, and provides higher stability and safety. Life Fitness 95T has a large 19-inch touch screen display and contains up to 42 pre-programmed exercises.

Although I mainly recommend fitness equipment suitable for home use in my blog, committed runners with sufficient space at home can still consider this Life Fitness 95t Elevation Treadmill.



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Main Features

SOLE F85 is the last treadmill 400 lb weight capacity I recommend today. Sole has always focused on the manufacture of treadmills, which makes them dare to claim that SOLE F85 is the best folding treadmill on the planet. Although this is a bit arrogant, it does have everything that professional runners or walkers expect in effective indoor training: a powerful motor, spacious exercise area, excellent cushioning and automatic incline.

Specifically, the F85 has a reinforced frame, a 60-inch long x 22-inch wide running belt, which can incline up to 15 degrees. 4.0 HP motor, up to 12 mph, but it runs very quietly, suitable for long-term running and high-intensity training.

Unlike other ordinary treadmills, it has a 10-inch color touch screen that can support up to seven external applications, including Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Sole’s exclusive warranty is the best in the industry, including lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck, five-year warranty on electronic products and parts, and two-year on-site service. This is not available from other manufacturers in the industry.

Based on the above, it is not difficult to imagine Sole F85 selling well year after year. SOLE has two other models of treadmills that also have a weight capacity of 400 pounds: SOLE S77 Treadmill and SOLE TT8 Treadmill. Compared with these two models, I would recommend the SOLE F85 Treadmill, because its Easy Assist Folding feature makes it more suitable as a home fitness equipment.



Final Conclusion

Above is my recommended treadmill 400 lb weight capacity. It seems that there are too many options for the 300-pound treadmill with the maximum weight capacity on the market, but the 400-pound treadmill is actually not many to choose from, and most of them are expensive.

If you can accept the price of  between $1,000 and $1500, then I first recommend Bowflex BXT216, so it has the highest cost performance, it can definitely be used as a long-term sports equipment in your home. Secondly, I recommend SOLE F85; if you are a serious runner and you do not require other entertainment features on your treadmill, and you also care about your budget, Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 Asuna may be your best choice; if You are an elderly person, and you may only have the option of Exerpeutic 2000 Workfit.

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