How Many Calories Do You Burn on a Recumbent Bike?

The recumbent bike is one of the machines that has been a great benefit in improving your physical health, because it allows you to burn calories and lose weight. But specifically, how many calories do you burn on a recumbent bike?

In this article, you will learn how many calories you can burn while riding a recumbent bike, what factors affect the amount of calories you burn, and how to choose the right recumbent bike according to your exercise goals.

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What is a Recumbent Bike?

how many calories do you burn on a recumbent bike

Recumbent bike is a fitness equipment suitable for home use. It is different from ordinary bicycles or upright exercise bikes. The seat of the recumbent bike is parallel to the pedals, and it has a backrest that you can rely on. Therefore, compared to ordinary bicycles or upright exercise bikes, using a recumbent bicycle for aerobic exercise is more comfortable.

Compared with treadmills, recumbent bicycles tend to occupy a smaller area, and you can also listen to music and watch your favorite TV programs while riding.

How many calories do you burn on a recumbent bike?

Most people use recumbent bikes because they are more comfortable than other fitness equipment and can achieve the same effect at the same time. Like other fitness equipment, the calories burned by different groups of people are different. This mainly includes the following factors: people’s weight, riding time, riding intensity, etc. In addition, it will also be affected by the gender, age, health status, and basal metabolic rate of different groups of people.

Your Own Weight

We all know that if the exercise intensity, exercise time and other factors are exactly the same, the heavier people will burn more calories. This is because they need more energy to make the body move. For example, a 205-pound person can burn about 163 calories by riding an ordinary recumbent exercise bike for 15 minutes at a moderate intensity.

Different Exercise Intensity

All recumbent bikes have a variety of resistance levels. Generally speaking, it is easier to exercise under a low level of resistance, and you need more power to make it run under a high level of resistance, which will be more difficult. According to statistics, a person weighing 130 pounds can burn about 210 calories per hour at a riding speed of 5.5 mph; the same person can burn about 315 calories per hour at a riding speed of 9.5 mph.

Other Factors

Obviously, like all other exercise methods, the longer you exercise by riding a recumbent bike, the more calories you will burn.

In addition, the number of calories you burn on a recumbent bike also depends on the conditions of different groups of people. For example, in general, men burn calories faster than women; younger people burn more calories than older people. These are actually related to the individual’s basal metabolic rate, but most people often don’t know their basal metabolic rate.

Which type of recumbent bike is best for your needs?

Above we have analyzed some of the factors that affect how many calories you burn on a recumbent bike, so it is very important to choose a recumbent bike that suits you. For example, if your weight is very large, then some recumbent bicycles with a small maximum load capacity will not be suitable for you; for another example, if you want to pursue higher exercise intensity, then recumbent bikes with only low resistance levels are not suitable Suitable for you.

In addition, if you want to keep track of how many calories you can burn while riding, a recumbent bike with a clear display screen and more accurate statistics will be your best choice. Here, I recommend two of the best recumbent bikes on the market: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike and Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

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What Are the Benefits of Riding a Recumbent Bike?

As mentioned earlier, the recumbent bike occupies a smaller area than a treadmill and is more comfortable than an ordinary bike or an upright exercise bike. Specifically, what are the aspects of this comfort?

Sitting down is obviously more comfortable than standing

Obviously, the vast majority of people prefer to sit down rather than stand up unless their buttocks are uncomfortable. The recumbent bicycle allows you to sit down for a long time, and even rely on the backrest for exercise.

More able to protect knees and joints

On a recumbent bike, you don’t put your entire body weight on the pedals. This protects your knees and joints to a certain extent. Therefore, many people with knee and joint injuries often choose recumbent bicycles for rehabilitation exercises.

Your back will be easier

Compared with general upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes have an extra backrest so that you can always rely on the backrest. For people suffering from intervertebral disc disease, they can’t stand upright riding position, recumbent bicycle is their best exercise equipment.

You can play with your phone while exercising

Just because you are sitting and exercising on a recumbent bike, you only need to ride with your feet, and your hands can be freed to do anything, such as playing with a mobile phone and reading a book.

Final Conclusion

Do you aspire to lose weight and tone your body? If yes, then a recumbent bike is perfect for you. It is the ideal equipment for those who want to exercise in comfort without straining their joints or back. The recumbent bike does not require you to lean forward, and this means that it does not put pressure on your back or neck.

Because riding a recumbent bike is more comfortable than other exercise methods, don’t expect it to burn calories better than them. After all, there is no shortcut to success. If you want to burn more calories with a recumbent bike, you can achieve it through longer exercise time and higher exercise intensity.

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