Treadmill Buying Guide: How much horsepower does a treadmill need?

Before, we introduced the importance of the motor in the article “How to judge the quality of treadmill?“. Why is the motor so important? How many HP motors are suitable for home use? In fact, the motor has the same function as the human heart, which determines the total capacity of the treadmill, but also related to whether the speed of the treadmill is stable, performance, and noise reduction effect. So when you buy a treadmill, the motor should be focused on, but those thousands of dollars of treadmills don’t talk to me about the motor is good.

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Basic knowledge of treadmill motor

Before I tell you the answer about “How much horsepower does a treadmill need?”, I want to tell you some basic facts about treadmills. When paying attention to the treadmill motor, pay attention to the motor power value, and there are two common labels: HP (maximum output power) and CP (continuous output power), because HP is certainly higher than CP, so many businesses will basically only emphasize CP value. So, basically, consumers are asking: How much HP is appropriate for the motor?

basic knowledge of treadmill motor

To figure this out, first understand the relationship between the treadmill load and motor power. And load is usually determined by our weight. The following focuses on the motor power value and the replacement of the total relationship, which is an important reference index for everyone to buy a treadmill. A treadmill with a peak output of less than 2HP is obviously not a good fit for a 200-pound man.

Treadmill motors and runners' weight

As mentioned above, HP (peak value) is used as a marker in the market, so we will focus on how much weight is suitable for how much CHP, and the weight of 110 pounds, 165 pounds, 242 pounds as three important watershed. (Continuous horsepower is used as reference for the following horsepower)

Relation between weight below 132 pounds and motor

1 CHP motor basically can withstand such a treadmill, and on the market, most of the running machine motor HP 2 or more now (CHP CHP can achieve 2 May not be all that, everybody wants to see clear), so, for now, all the running machine can withstand the weight, price, embodied in the stability of the speed or not, Noise reduction effect is not good, even the west brother looked down on the thousand yuan level can also let you run up, of course, long-term words, thousand yuan machine do not consider, really not suitable.

132 pounds to 165 pounds weight and motor relationship

This is the weight range of many people, it is recommended to consider the motor from 1.0-1.5 CHP, the higher the weight, the higher the power, why in this power range? Because the price of a high motor is much higher, and our goal is to find a truly cost-effective treadmill,

165 pounds to 220 pounds weight and motor relationship

This is to belong to fueling personnel, if ms is really recommended to go to lose weight to run again, taller men, in this weight can also be normal weight, high load, however, has a lot of, the motor power become a class, need to select high power motor, suggested above 2.0 CHP to suit, 2.5CHP or above is best

the weight of more than 220 pounds and motor relationship

Of such weight, general I am to suggest go to other means to reduce weight to run again first and suit quite, or go to gym, the configuration over there also is quite tall. If you want to use a treadmill, motor power 3.0CHP is recommended to consider above.

treadmill motors and runners' weight

If you really want to lose weight with the help of a treadmill, buy a high configuration is to, or really easy to break. I’m sorry I didn’t get more than 3.5 motor HP.

Note: it’s CHP. Important things need to be said three times. It’s CHP, CHP.

Of course, after saying so much, do not be too rigid. After knowing your weight, choose the motor as close as possible to the direction I said, so as to avoid motor loss, insufficient power after aging, unstable speed and other situations. Of course, but also combined with their own budget, as far as a possible value for money, the so-called inexpensive!

For some local tyrants, said to buy an expensive point such as more than $10,000 treadmills, the motor must be very sufficient, very suitable for everyone to use, yes, but most of the people who read this article want to choose a cost-effective home treadmill, this is the original intention of The West brother.

Although some treadmill motor power HP logo is the same, because the manufacturer is not the same, domestic or imported, OEM or self-developed, the quality will be different. Everyone, do not simply look at these numbers (in China everything is possible, digital fraud is also common), some old brands of treadmill, have their own motor research and development, long-term accumulation of precipitation, more reliable some!

This gives you a general idea of how much horsepower a treadmill requires. If you want to learn more about treadmill buying guide, follow these articles:

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