Treadmill buying guide: How to choose a treadmill based on your height and weight?

To understand what brand of treadmill is good, start with the motor and the running belt. Motor power and the width of the running belt are the two most important parameters of the home treadmill, which is the real hardware. The motor is like the human heart, the running belt is like the human hands and feet, the motor is good, run bandwidth, this person is a good sportsman. Therefore, the treadmill is good or not, closely related to these two, I suggested that everyone focus on the treadmill. So as a consumer, it is necessary to know how to determine the configuration required according to the height and weight of the treadmill user, so as to decide whether to buy the treadmill you want.

how to choose a treadmill

About the importance of motor and running belt, introduced before, I suggest you can first go to browse:

At present, most businesses are marked by motor peak HP, so the motor guide mentioned below is also based on HP. The above is a few years ago, the west brother first put forward the height, weight and motor power, the relationship between the width of the belt. If you have any questions, please follow my blog.

1. Female under 132 pounds, 18 inches running belt, 2.5HP motor

Specifications can be a little low, the strength is certainly low, so the motor 2.5HP is ok, running belt does not need to be so wide, 18 inches or so can also be used.

2. Male under 132 pounds, 19 inches running belt, 2.5HP motor

Since men exercise more than women, motor power should be at least 2.5HP and 3.0HP. Exercise is more than one, need comfort high point, therefore, the running belt of the treadmill is not too depressed, the width of the running belt is at least 19 inches above, reach 20 inches above the best. Whether male or female, silence is very important. I would recommend a treadmill of around $2000 for this condition only.

3. 132-200 pounds female, 19 inches running belt, 3.0HP motor

Women of this weight are relatively few. The main purpose is to lose weight and keep fit. Since women of this weight are already larger, a running band width of 19 inches or more and a motor with 3.0HP or more are best.

4. 132-200 pounds male, 20 inches running belt, 3.0HP

Function configuration needs to be higher level, more than 20 inches running belt is required, motor 3.0 base. Recommended 20 inches running belt, light business type running belt width, comfortable. With a 3.5-hp motor, smoothness is not a problem. Recommend $3000 or so treadmill, cost-effective very high.

5. Men and women over 200 pounds, 20 inches running belt, 3.5HP

It is already a treadmill that needs high power and wide running belt, otherwise there will be a lot of problems. This kind of circumstance buys the running machine of $1000 or $2000 control to be unreliable namely, recommend the running machine of $4000 above.

Grasp the core, the choice is no longer blind, but the above is a pure digital relationship, but also combined with the treadmill brand recognition to judge, do not take a thousand dollar machine motor power mark, with a thousand dollar machine. I don’t even know if the thousand-dollar motor passed the national electrical safety test.

That’s how to choose the right treadmill for your height and weight. I hope you pay more attention to his running belt and power rating when you choose a treadmill.

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