How to judge the quality of treadmill?

There are many brands of treadmills, so how do you judge the quality of the treadmill you want? Nowadays, there are not a few people who buy treadmills online. Faced with so many parameters, consumers must be at a loss, not knowing which brand is good, and which model is good. Therefore, I combined some of my own experience, including evaluation information, to objectively recommend a cost-effective treadmill for you. Achieving a balance between quality and price is the truth of the so-called high quality and low price. I can’t guarantee the best buy, but at least it makes you feel that it is worth the money.

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Well, let’s get into the topic: judging the quality of treadmill from the aspects of the treadmill motor, shock absorption system, running belt (treadmill), etc.

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How does the motor affect the quality of the treadmill?

treadmill motor
Good treadmill motor (can't tell from the outside)

The motor of the treadmill is as important as the human heart. The lifespan of the treadmill is often directly related to the quality of the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it when purchasing. The quality of the motor is good, the life of the treadmill will be long, so what should be paid attention to in the motor?

Continuous horsepower (related to power)

When buying a treadmill online, you often see the above two parameter values: peak horsepower and continuous horsepower. Of course, people who know a little bit of physics know that continuous horsepower (continuous output horsepower) is very important. Peak horsepower is only a reference, not How useful. The higher the continuous output horsepower, the more power and the stronger the stability (the more stable the continuous output).

Noise (noise reduction effect)

noise reduction effect
The decibel value that will not disturb the public at night, basically no effect below 40 decibels

Noise is a common factor considered by many friends, but to be honest, there is no treadmill on the market that does not produce noise, which is impossible. We can only rely on some technical means as much as possible, including the selection of the motor, the design of the shock absorption system, the material of the running belt and the design of the overall structure, etc., to minimize the noise and reach the standard of not disturbing the people, such as 45 at night. decibels, below 55 decibels during the day. We will introduce it in detail later.

Temperature (high temperature resistance)

high temperature resistance
The high temperature is not only unbearable for the human body, but also for the treadmill

For a treadmill that is fully loaded for a long time, the temperature of its motor will become higher and higher. For regular and large treadmill brand manufacturers, the temperature of the treadmill after 1 hour of use is actually not high, while for some small brands For treadmills, in order to promote sales, false labels make the weight of the person who buys the treadmill do not match the load capacity of the treadmill, causing the treadmill to be overloaded for a long time, and the life of the motor will naturally be greatly reduced.

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After talking about the motor of the treadmill, I will talk about the shock absorption system of the treadmill.

How does the shock absorption system affect the quality of the treadmill

treadmill shock absorption systems
Common treadmill shock absorption systems

The shock absorption system is actually not that complicated, but the world is too complicated, there are too many bad merchants, and exaggerated words have caused us as consumers to become headless flies and do not know how to buy indiscriminately. Brother Xi, I don’t know where to start the evaluation. The shock absorption system affects the quality of the treadmill mainly because of the noise reduction effect and the buffering effect on the exercise force.

A good shock absorption system not only has a good noise reduction effect, but also reduces the damage to the knee (buffer effect). Brother Xi will introduce it slowly later.

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The relationship between treadmill running belt and treadmill quality

effective width of the running belt

Everyone who has gone to the gym may find that the treadmills used in the gym are relatively tall. Yes, this is a commercial-grade treadmill. In addition to the overall atmosphere, the effective width of the running belt is large, so how much does a home-grade treadmill need? Well, the treadmill is too small, what about the safety? How does the material of the running belt affect the quality of the treadmill? After this, I will also slowly expand.

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Of course, in addition to the motor, shock absorption, running belt, the overall structure design (detailed design), imported or domestic brands, etc. are all considerations.

About treadmill brands

For the treadmill novice, as soon as you hear the imported brand, you will feel that the quality of the treadmill must be good. This is not necessarily the case. Is a so-called imported brand really imported? The two, even if they are really imported, I don’t think they are better than domestic ones. Of course, most of the real imported brands still kill many domestic brands. In fact, many years-old domestic brands such as Shuhua and Huixiang still pass the test in terms of quality. You can focus on them. There are also some online brands like Yijian and Qimais. Due to the rise of online shopping in recent years, A number of Amoy brands have been achieved. The price-performance ratio is very high, but I want to say that most of these brands should not be considered, even the thousand yuan machine, you say, how can the quality be better?

I suggested: Most of our netizens buy treadmills online, so how to judge the quality of treadmills based on some information?

1. Look at the reviews or introductions of some professionals. For example, I have repaired no less than 500 treadmills in the past few years, and have contacted dozens of treadmill brands. You can read more of my articles.

2. Check the evaluation. For treadmills of pure online brands, look at the introduction of the business page, and the hype is full of hype. You can see whether the quality of the treadmill is good or bad. You can only see some tricks from the comments of netizens. Therefore, I suggest that everyone, be sure to read the comments section of netizens. For those who have a physical store, you can go to the local store to have a look.

Finally, what I want to say is that the quality of a treadmill cannot be explained in a few words. The principle of getting what you pay for is always true. Don’t believe the quality of a treadmill of 1,000 yuan and 5,000 or 10,000 yuan. Same. Since the treadmill technology is quite mature, the cost is also there, and it is quite transparent, so simply put, the price determines the quality, and the treadmill industry can still be established.

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