What is the relationship between speed and horsepower of treadmill?

What is the relationship between speed and horsepower of treadmill? When we buy a treadmill, we often see that a parameter highlighted by businesses is the motor, such as how much P (horse) motor or continuous horsepower. Many people have no concept of how much P, which will make many people unable to start. Although I have introduced the relationship between height, weight and motor power before, you may see peak horsepower or continuous horsepower, Or see 2.0 HP, 2.5 HP and other figures, which is still slightly “advanced” for some people, so today I interpret it from another angle, that is, the highest speed that the treadmill can provide.

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Common treadmill maximum speed

How many p motors can you not see? But we can simply confirm the maximum speed that the treadmill can provide to the runner. The motor output power is directly related to the maximum speed that the treadmill can provide. For example, the maximum speed of our common treadmill is 7.4 MPH, 10 MPH and 11.2 MPH, Generally, treadmills with a speed of more than 10 MPH are better. Some high-end household models will support the highest speed of 12.4 MPH or even higher. For example, for the high-end brand Aikang, the maximum speed of many models of treadmills can reach 13.7 MPH.

When you understand your needs, you can refer to the maximum speed given by a treadmill to decide whether to buy a treadmill, generally speaking:

  • 3.1 – 3.7 MPH is a fast walk
  • More than 3.7 – 5 MPH Start running
  • More than 5 MPH is a fast run
  • More than 6.2 MPH is a sprint

Selection of the maximum speed of treadmill

At present, the maximum speed of many treadmills is 7.4 MPH. most of them are small and light treadmills, which are more suitable for users. They are standard or petite. They want to focus on fast walking and jog occasionally. Most of the running boards of small machines are not long, so it may be dangerous to run fast with small machines.

If the user is plump or strong, or wants to run or sprint, I’m afraid the machine will not be able to load and reduce the service life of the machine.

The maximum speed of 10 and 11 MPH is the standard and most common machine. Most people can have a good use experience under this machine, whether it is fast running or occasional sprint.

If the maximum speed is 12.4 MPH, it is applicable to have good running experience, use the treadmill to train physical fitness or participate in competition. If you need to use the treadmill to do high-intensity training, you might as well directly find a treadmill with a higher speed of 11 or 12.4 MPH, which can make you do good and enjoyable training.

No matter how big the top speed is, it is basically the requirement of professionals. Naturally, there are high requirements for the performance of the treadmill.

As we said, the maximum speed is the key reference data for the purchase of treadmill, but we should not be too superstitious about the publicity of businesses. We should have the support of actual data. For example, when an ordinary treadmill is running, it does pour into the pot, and the maximum speed is 13.7 MPH, but we can’t think it is a high-end machine, because the maximum speed here, It is required that the treadmill can run continuously at this speed without problems, such as burning out.

Recommendations for treadmills with higher top speeds

recommendations for treadmills with higher top speeds

Next, I will recommend two popular treadmills with a rated power of more than 3.5 HP.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

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Main Features

Sole Fitness F80 treadmill

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Main Features

Final Words

In short, when you choose a treadmill, you can compare more. You can’t blindly believe in the data of businesses. Many actual operation data have large differences, so it has no reference significance.

This is the whole content of today’s article. I hope you have understood the relationship between speed and horsepower of treadmill after reading.

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