What is the difference between HP and CHP motors? The more, the better?

What do treadmill motors HP and CHP mean? If you have noticed the treadmill, you will often compare the parameters of the treadmill. Among them, there are two industry words with high frequency related to the motor: HP and CHP. However, in order to attract customers’ attention, most businesses on the e-commerce platform will only vigorously promote their HP, and only some businesses will tell you CHP. The reason for this is intriguing. I think a large part of the reason is that businesses think customers don’t understand and feel that the treadmill is good when they see a large number.

In today’s article, I will explain to you the difference between HP and CHP, the common units of treadmill motor, and whether the larger the number, the better. I hope this content can help you when choosing a treadmill.

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What is treadmill motor HP?

HP is the power unit, which is horsepower (British horsepower). The power unit in the American customary system, referred to as horsepower, is the rated power of the motor.

  • 1HP = 745.7w = 33000 ft * lb / min
  • 1HP (British horsepower) = 0.746 kw

What is horsepower? Here is the definition in wikipedia.

And when we bought the treadmill. It is often seen that the motor power of general domestic treadmills is often expressed by HP. In fact, that HP is the maximum power that the treadmill can achieve, that is, in an instant (a few seconds). If the motor continues to operate at this power, the treadmill can’t afford it. Therefore, we must not be fooled by the high HP of the manufacturer.

Although HP has a certain relationship with CHP, don’t be misled. When selecting a treadmill, we should not only look at the motor, i.e. HP value, but also look at the continuous power, i.e. CHP value.

What is the treadmill motor CHP?

HP represents the peak power, which is the maximum power. CHP is the continuous power. The internal running machine of international brands such as Sole, Icon and Johnson is marked with CHP. The treadmill mainly depends on the continuous power. A large CHP value means that the power of the treadmill is strong enough and the speed can be guaranteed.

Why do many businesses secretly change concepts and use HP to identify motor power? The answer is very simple, that is to make consumers feel how outstanding the performance of their treadmill is, but after analysis, it is not difficult to find that these are all the so-called publicity of businesses and then mislead consumers. Another more important stock selection skill is to try to choose well-known businesses, such as BH, Icon, Johnson, etc. as for some miscellaneous brands, it is better to bypass them.

Is the more HP and CHP the better?

Within the necessary scope, whether HP or CHP, of course, the larger the better. However, when the power of the motor exceeds your needs, sometimes it will cause more power consumption and more noise due to too much power. Moreover, some people don’t need such a high-power motor at such a high cost, which will cause waste.

Perhaps some people want to ask, what if businesses do not provide information about rated power and only mark peak power? Here, I provide a conversion technique, that is, you don’t need to look at the so-called peak power value of the business, regardless of whether it is 3, 4 or 5. Another important parameter is the bearing weight of the treadmill. Generally, the rated power of the running electromechanical machine with a bearing weight of about 220 lbs is between 1.5 and 1.75, and when the bearing weight is 260 lbs, Most treadmills will use a power rating of 2-2.5 HP. For example, the commercial series of bicker treadmills can carry up to 350 lbs, and the rated power of its motor will be 4 HP. At this time, you will find that some businesses boast that the motor power value of treadmill is 4 or even 5, but the bearing capacity is only 220 lbs to 260 lbs. The specific HP of the treadmill motor is suitable for you, which must be analyzed according to the specific situation.

Final Words

Therefore, when buying treadmills, it is particularly important to choose the right treadmill motor, which means that the awesome power of the treadmill depends entirely on the continuous power value. The motor of a treadmill is the core of a treadmill. It is the soul of the treadmill. Therefore, when choosing a treadmill, you must first learn to select the treadmill motor, and it is more important to choose the motor suitable for you, rather than blindly seeking a large motor.

CHP Weight (Pounds)
below 1.0 below 130
1.0 - 2.0 130 - 200
2.0 - 3.0 200 - 240
above 3.0 above 240

Finally, I present the summary of the relationship between treadmill motor power and body weight (for reference only)

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